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As the owner of 2 properties, rent has never lagged behind, maintenance and repairs, are always taken care of, timeously, of course after consulting with me as per the agreement between me and the company. I can safely attest that, not once have I received a complaint from any of my tenants about anything, in the same spirit, I never received any complaint from the municipality about outstanding services.
Nomkhitha Gysman, Property Owner
Over the thirty odd years that I have let property to students it has never been as painless as it has been in your hands. The income was regular and your spreadsheets made dealing with SARS simple. The few problems that arose with tenants, or the property, you solved with minimum fuss. As well as the above, I valued the friendly and helpful attitude that I always received from you and the others when I came into the office.
Ant Kitson, Property Owner
She had a difficult job dealing with and pleasing tenants, owners, maintenance people and agents like us. She managed this well and has a pleasant and professional demeanour.
From my experience, she is organised, efficient, and does not delay in attending to matters. Keeping us updated on matters by giving us feedback was appreciated.
Monika Gaybba, Principal – IPC Grahamstown
Thank you for your constant effort and for the way in which you apply yourself to the challenge of administering the Arlington Complex. You have made every effort to assist as much as possible, where and whenever possible, over and above what falls within the scope of employment.
Lynne Henson, Owner 5 Arlington Mews
Ms Hoffman has been of great assistance to me in the past year as the representative for the managing agent for the Kingswood Mews complex.
Hlombe Mfono , Unit 14 Kingswood Mews
It has been a great pleasure in working with Chade Mager. She has been extremely helpful in every aspect. She conducts herself in a very professional manner. She answers queries, whether via e-mail or telephonic conversations, quickly and sufficiently. I would gladly work with her again in future!
Ronel Cronje, Property Owner