Rental Properties In Grahamstown Hill 60

Unlike the Hill 60 of the first World War, Grahamstown’s Hill 60 is a natural feature. Hill 60, France is located around three miles south-east of Ypres and is not a natural feature but was made from the soil removed during the construction of the railway line nearby. Because it was a small area of elevated land in a flat landscape, it obviously had strategic importance in the battles in the Salient during the second World War.

Grahamstown’s Hill 60. located to the north west of the city, and on your right as you come in on the Bedford road, is a far more peaceful spot. Many of the properties in Hill 60, have lovely views over Grahamstown, Rhodes and the 1820 Settlers Monument and all the beautiful church spires which make the city of Grahamstown unique.

Because this suburb is located on the slopes and top of a hill many of the houses have more than one level. This affords the owners the opportunity to introduce character into their homes. This has made for quite interesting designs and shapes. The stand sizes average around 1500 square metres or larger.

Hill 60 being more modern one finds an assortment of Ranch style, Face Brick, 60’s style, the odd glorious manor house and a dream house or two. Hill 60’ has very few plots available.

Grahamstown’s Hill 60 suburb is some distance from the shopping centres, but with this distance comes a very definite “country” feel and the residents of Hill 60 say they wouldn’t swop their location for anywhere else in Grahamstown.
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