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Fort England is on the South East side of Grahamstown, off the Port Alfred road. The suburb of Fort England grew up around the Fort England Hospital. The fort (for which it is named) was established in Grahamstown in August 1812 to defend the population from the Xhosa raiders and was called Fort England. It became the seat of the Deputy Landdrost of Uitenhage and was called Grahamstown after Colonel Graham. Fort England was named after Colonel Richard England. The hospital came into being around 1912 to house those who couldn’t cope with normal society or were considered dangerous.

The houses which were built around it cater, in many instances, for the employees of the hospital. Fort England has Grahamstown’s main police station in Beaufort street in it and Fort England provides homes for the police families, which is great for the residents as they feel safer having police neighbours.

The homes are mostly fairly simple three bedroom units, starter homes, with properties from 500 square metre up to over 1000 square metres.
Today Rhodes has a wonderful opportunity in Fort England, for training future Psychiatrists and the current Director is also a lecturer at Rhodes.
Fort England today has a relaxed rural feel to it, the donkeys and cattle can be found grazing on the side of the road. Children happily play with a ball in the warm afternoon sunshine, a place where first time buyers of South Africa can happily co-exist with their neighbours.

5A Lawrence Street

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Fort England
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1 December 2020
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